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Today at LPC: Bond Street's Balcony Building Approved; More!

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The redesigned 41 Bond Street and its controversial rear balconies were back in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission today, hoping for approval. The bluestone condo building received just that, in a unanimous 9-0 vote. The commission was OK with the balconies because they recall the fire escapes on buildings elsewhere in the Noho Historic District, and provide a bit of shade and greenery. Neighbors upset about the party potential will just have to deal.

But that wasn't the only serious business before the LPC today. Here's a quick rundown of some of the other action:

1) Also winning approval was the new Washington Square Park comfort station designed by BKSK Architects, aka the potties. The commission was really pumped up about this one. Said Commissioner Frederick Bland: "It's going to be a spectacular new building. It takes its cues from the landscape and curvilinear nature of the park. If this is where parks are going, this is an exemplary case." Also, you can tinkle inside it!

2) As expected, the boundaries of the Soho Cast Iron Historic District were extended along its eastern and western borders. The expanded district encompasses the entire eastern side of Crosby Street and portions of Lafayette, Howard and Centre Streets, while the west has added the west side of West Broadway. This adds 135 buildings and parts of 13 blocks to the protection zone.

3) The LPC also designated a new landmark out in Bushwick, the Ulmer Brewery complex. It's the first time that an NYC brewery, many of them now lost, has been landmarked. The office building (31 Belvidere Street) seen in the gallery is the highlight, but there are three other buildings that comprise the lager 19th century plant: The main brew house (45-47 Belvidere Street), an engine and machine house (35-43 Belvidere Street) and a stable and storage facility (26-28 Locust Street).
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41 Bond Street

41 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website

41 Bond Street

41 Bond Street, New York, NY