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FiDi Fantasy Tower Back for More! (But Still Not Happening)

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Greenwich South is a made-up neighborhood with a bunch of made-up skyscrapers. Now, our favorite of those made-up towers?part of a design experiment that explored how to remake a 23-block area of the Financial District south of the World Trade Center?is blowing our minds all over again. San Francisco architecture firm IwamotoScott's contribution to the Greenwich South project, called Edgar Street Towers, gets a full look from the gang at Dezeen. That "anatomical" (as one Curbed commenter put it) central atrium is still the attention grabber, but here's some archibabble to put the imaginary tower in greater context:

The towers’ design seeks to reinstate Edgar Street as an east-west public way, reconnecting Greenwich and Washington streets. The space of this passageway through the building twists upwards, rising through the body of the towers, pinching at the mid level to allow for larger floorplates, and culminating at a rooftop sky lobby and civic space. This space at the towers’ crown is aligned with the primary Manhattan street grid to the north, directly on axis with 5th Avenue.
We didn't even know Edgar Street exists, making this a double mindfuck. Looking for more IwamotoScott magic? Curbed SF has a robust archive.
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Edgar Street Towers

Edgar Street at Greenwich Street, New York, NY