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LPC Sends Village's Gourmet Garage Building Away for Third Try

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The owners of 115-125 Seventh Avenue South, probably better known as the Gourmet Garage building, went before the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday for a second shot at approval of a rooftop addition. The first time around, more than a year ago, the LPC sent the team back to the drawing board to address concerns about the building's size and how the new design fit its historic district surroundings. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has some renderings of the revised plans, which call for turning the third floor from glass to brick and adding two glass floors and a set-back stucco penthouse on top. Did the LPC smile upon Gourmet Garage Building 2.0? Not quite. They've still got some concerns about the stucco and glass, so they sent the team away with a slightly gentler rejection and an invite to come back yet again. Same time next year?

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