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Settlement Nears After Owner-Developer Scuffle at Midtown Condo

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For a building whose marketing pitch uses the words "spectacularly serene," there hasn't been quite enough serenity to go around lately at Windsor Park, the West 58th Street condo conversion. A tipster tells us about a drawn-out battle between apartment owners and building sponsor over construction issues. Other sources with knowledge of the case tell us all the problems in the building have been fixed and the two sides are nearing a settlement. But the chatter still got us curious: what's been going on over at Windsor Park?

An engineering firm hired to take a look found more than $6.5 million worth of construction deficiencies, according to a fall 2008 homeowners association memo passed along by our tipster. As for which parts of the building were affected, well, which weren't?
From the homeowners association memo:

The deficiencies in our building include, but are not limited to the roof, exterior walls, common areas, apartment wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, water-bearing file backboard replacement, electrical upgrade, residential and common HVAC systems and exhaust ventilation system (including the installation of missing fire dampers in many units). So we're glad to hear all that's being cleared up! We've put in a call to the developer and we'll update when we have more details. In the meantime, looks like sales at Windsor Park have been closing pretty far off ask lately. Think prices will head upward now that the building's getting its tune-up?
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