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Million-Dollar Discounts at Relaunched 15 Union Square West

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Don't call it a comeback. No, really, don't; it's too early to tell. But check this out: Some listings in 15 Union Square West are back on the market through Brown Harris Stevens broker Shlomi Reuveni following a long?well, let's just call it a readjustment process. Word on the street was that the "grand reopening" of the 36-unit former Tiffany & Co. building?the design of which is always a hot topic?would mean prices realigned for these times. Did that pan out? Well, StreetEasy puts the average of the nine listings, priced from $2.625 million to $6.51 million, at $2,125 per square foot. Yep, that's the new average, about $400/sf lower than the previous crop. Let's dig a bit deeper, shall we?

Commenting on the floorplan seen above, which belongs to a 1,763-square-foot 2BR, 2BA unit asking $3.9 million, one Curbed tipster (a dedicated 15 USW superfan) writes:

The price for this 2 bedroom is now listed at "only" 3.9 mil and it comes with a GiHuGen rooftop deck that’s pretty much the same size as the floorplan (1700sq. ft.!). Still pricey but this was listed for way more than 3.9 mil originally. I'm noticing they've chopped off as much as 1 million or more on each of the listings compared to their previous highs. There was one unit for $7,770,000 before the listings were yanked last month that is now listed at $6,510,000. This is my favorite unit in 15 USW because it is a corner unit that has 2 awesome terraces, one facing north and one facing east over the park. I'll take it!

Hear that, brokers? Already one motivated customer! The new listings also have some fresh interior pics, though we did recently get a glimpse inside those massive arched windows through the $25k/month rental listing in the building. But check out that gorgeous bathtub?and the epic pool reveal! The Greenmarket just got glam.

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