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Anna Wintour, Graydon Carter and the Condé Gang Coming to FiDi?

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Imagine, if you will, the high-fashion priestesses of Vogue lining up in the queue at the Fulton Street Chipotle like a regular FiDi working stiff. Not likely, sure, but we can at least consider it within the realm of possibility! That's because the NYT's Charles Bagli drops the bombshell news that magazine giant Condé Nast is considering a move to 1 World Trade Center. The artist formerly known as the Freedom Tower?the steel is now beyond the 20th floor!?only has government agencies and a Chinese real estate firm signed up for space, which means that tearing a company like Condé Nast away from the grips of Midtown would be quite the coup.

Right now everything is hush-hush, but the rumor is that the publisher would take as much as one million square feet in the 1,776' tower, what will be the country's tallest commercial skyscraper. Condé has flirted with ditching Times Square for equally uncool locales before, but stashing Vanity Fair on Vesey Street just sounds weird, doesn't it? Even weirder if NYU joins the party.
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