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Potential Record-Breaking Condo Sale's Proceeds Going to Charity

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From the annals of odd press releases comes this dispatch from brokerage the CORE Group, announcing the $55 million listing of steel magnate Leroy Schechter's side-by-side apartments on the 35th floor of 15 Central Park West. Yeesh, that news is so March! We've even combed the floorplan for traces of A-Rod. (Ew.) But here's the interesting part: Old Man Schechter plans to donate the proceeds from sale of the property to charity. His charity:

Proceeds from the sale of the property, listed at $55M, will go to the Leroy Schecter Foundation, which works to fight poverty and supports educational initiatives and medical research. This property presents one of the most unique opportunities in New York real estate history—a chance to own one of the largest combinations at Fifteen Central Park West. According to The New York Times, it may prove to be "the most expensive condo sale on record in New York City."Well now, this is certainly something different for the giant dollar sign that is 15 CPW. Schecter paid a combined $18.9 million for the apartments, so even if he takes that cash back?and minus the commission?a sale anywhere near the (slightly kooky!) asking price is still a pretty penny for the good of the people. Smooth move?
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023