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City Council Sides with Landmarks Over UWS Church

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In the face of graffiti by church officials, attempts to rally the troops, and an eleventh-hour prayer vigil, the City Council still decided yesterday to uphold the landmark designation of West-Park Presbyterian Church. Time to update that graffiti! The church was landmarked in January after a long campaign by preservationists, against the wishes of church officials who said the designation would prevent them from redeveloping part of the building for profit.

The building was already on the market, with no asking price. Will things on the sales front move faster now that the church has no hope of City Council mercy? It seems like an opportune moment to ask what the church should become in its next life. Now that the Limelight has become a mall, maybe it's time for West-Park to take its place as the next church-turned-club? Or, since we're probably already going to hell for that suggestion, perhaps the residents of 15 Central Park West would like a new venue for their blood sacrifices? Suggestions in the comments, if you please.
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