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We All Just Sold Bernie Madoff's Penthouse, At a Discount

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The number has been floating around for a while, but now the deal's been filed with the city, so it's official: husband-and-wife toy titans Al and Patsy Kahn paid $8 million for Bernard Madoff's Ponzilicious penthouse at 133 East 64th Street. That's a not-insignificant markdown from the original asking price of $9.9 million. The Kahns?whose current home, a Time Warner Center condo, was recently PriceChopped from $33,689,000 to $29,750,000?are probably an easy approval for even a skittish co-op board. Did that earn them the $1.9M discount? The seller is recorded, awesomely, as the United States of America. So which one of us was the pushover at the negotiating table?
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133 East 64th Street

133 East 64th Street, New York, NY