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Bank of America Tower Exposes Itself, Then Gets Shy

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Midtown's bail-out behemoth, aka the Bank of America Tower, is finally showing off everything it's got, and a celebration is in store. The ungainly scaffolding that's been up at Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street for the better part of the last decade has come down and the glowing lobby of One Bryant Park is now lighting up the intersection. But lest those lights opposite Bryant Park draw you in, Beware! Photos of the 54-story crystalline castle from architects Cook + Fox are not appreciated, and the security crew is quick to point out the policy as they shoo shutterbugs from the sidewalk out front.

The Durst Organization broke ground on the 954' tower back in August 2004, then weathered some storms before the first tenants arrived two years ago. Since then a one-star eatery has opened up downstairs and a refurbished and renamed Broadway theater tucked away inside has had its first flop. But, unlike some less fortunate projects around town, this one is actually complete and making its mark on the Midtown skyline. That's a good enough reason to raise a drink or two.
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One Bryant Park

108 West 42nd Street, New York, NY