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The Compass (Lofts) Points to Fulton Street, uh, Ann Street

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Blogger EV Grieve has a bit of a bone to pick with The Compass Lofts over their address, which is given as 42 Ann Street but is actually 127 Fulton Street. Fulton Street, Ann Street, whatever?these are new FiDi luxury condos! We took a look at the listings, and it appears the building first hit the market in late February with pricing upwards of $2 million. One broker switch later, two 2,708-square-foot 2BRs are on the market, asking $1,935,000 for the fourth floor and $1,995,00 for the fifth, an average of $725/square foot. (The fifth floor was on the market previously for $2,682,215.) In a past life, the building?now six full-floor lofts and one duplex penthouse?was home to a company that manufactured measuring equipment for engineers, so we're at least expecting accurate square footage.

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