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Fresh Crop of Listings Released at the Apthorp

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It's been a little more than a year since the last batch of listings at troubled Upper West Side condo conversion the Apthorp hit the market. Since then, the building's made some progress toward staving off the end of the world by getting more than the minimum 25 units in contract. And things at the building are still pushing along, with a fresh crop of listings hitting the market yesterday. Prices on these are in line with the last round, with the newbies ranging from $1,542,555 to $16,640,000 for #1H/#2H, the new highest price among the current listings. There's also one 54 percent PriceUpper on #10G, now asking $7,316,000. Typo, or an attempt to catch the eye of the building's next celebrity visitor?
The tally of in-contract units has been updated, too, and now stands at 34 apartments. The list prices on those apartments ranged from $895,000 to $21,084,000. The sales prices when these things actually close are anyone's guess, but we'll be closer to finding out once the attorney general's finished sniffing around.
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