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Closings Delayed for Williamsburg Condos People Actually Want

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Williamsburg's 69 Berry Street is a bit of a surprising success story. The building (a former Development Du Jour) hit the market in October, and all six full-floor units, which were priced between $599,000 and $699,000, are in contract. Not bad for a tough market, though we'll reserve judgment until we see the final sale prices. But a tipster tells us that, even though notices went out in late March for early May closings, those closings have not yet happened. And, says our tipster, there has been no official notice to postpone closings, which the building keeps saying will begin any day now. So what's the holdup?

Broker Deborah Rieders tells us the delay comes from the Department of Buildings, which hasn't yet gotten 69 Berry its temporary certificate of occupancy. That piece of paper should be along by the end of next week, Rieders says, and buyers can start closing as early as the following day. Why does this sort of thing always seem to happen in buildings buyers are actually lining up for?
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69 Berry Street

69 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY