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Hudson River Park's Chelsea Cove Taken Out for a Spin

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The latest section of Hudson River Park's Chelsea Cove opened to the public today at Pier 62 just north of Chelsea Piers, following a semi-private ribbon cutting attended by politicians and members of the Hudson River Trust extended family. That made for a strange scene, because outside, along the bike path, a crowd of more casually-dressed skaters were chomping at the bit to try out the 15,000-square-foot skate park, from California Skateparks and the Site Design Group. Once the official ceremonies were over the gates were opened, and skaters raced across the pathways and through the turnstile gates to scrape their knees and worry their parents.

More fun was had at the crazy carousel, which took a couple of spins for PR purposes before being locked away. It will be open to all in the next couple of weeks. Pictures tell the story, so enjoy a bunch of 'em in the photo gallery above. West Siiiiide!
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Chelsea Cove

100 12th Avenue, New York, NY