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Battle of the Big Downtown Brooklyn PriceChops!

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How do you like your PriceChops: All at once in a big dramatic slash, or a bunch of itty-bitty cuts that add up to something equally deadly? Either way, Friday the 14th had something for you in Downtown Brooklyn. On that day, StreetEasy tells us, a pair of units in two high-profile DoBro developments had a date with the Chopper. Check it:

1) Over at 150 Myrtle Avenue, #2106 at Toren took the big tumble. There were big cuts on a handful of Toren units last month, so this isn't too big of a shock (despite strong sales in the building). The 2BR, 2BA, 1,033-square-foot apartment, listed in January for $835K, was dropped 24% to a new ask of $635K. Common charges and taxes add up to just over $1,000 a month. [StreetEasy listing]

2) Prefer old bones in your DoBro condos? We direct your attention to #6F at BellTel Lofts over at 365 Bridge Street. The 1,269-square-foot, er, zero bedroom pad (more on that in a sec) was listed for $799K, and has since suffered four cuts, bringing the price down 25% to an even $600K. Maintenance is $373/month. [StreetEasy listing]

Now, about those floorplans.

Toren has taken some heat for the size of its bedrooms, and those who get worked up about such things will probably not be into that 10' x 12' master bedroom. Or the other bedroom, for that matter, which is 8' wide.

The BellTel unit is one that has been discussed before, an example of what many people find lacking about the converted telephone company building. Namely, windows. The unit is listed as a 2BR but could conceivably be used as a 3BR. The floorplan, however, can't technically call any of the rooms a "bedroom" because they don't have windows. But hey, "home occupancy" has its own poetic charm.
· Listing: 365 Bridge Street [Elliman]
· Listing: 150 Myrtle Avenue [Halstead]


150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201