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Three-Year Lower East Side Mystery 38 Delancey Hits Market

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Location: 38 Delancey Street
Size: 55 units
Prices: $615,000 to $1.355 million in listings online so far
Architect: Harry Hong
Developer: We don't know!
Sales & Marketing: Corcoran and Elliman
Lowdown: We weren't quite ready to crown it as a Development Du Jour just for some signage and a website, but the listings for 38 Delancey Street are now online, earning it the full treatment. We already knew that the entry point for condos was $615,000, and, at least for the first crop of listings, the upper price limit is $1.355 million for a 1,104-square-foot 2BR. The building also brings to the luxury-housing-deprived LES (or what the brokerbabble calls "the intersection of Nolita, Chinatown, the East Village and the Lower East Side") a roof deck, on-site parking, cold storage, and a 421a tax abatement. We've seen the interior images before, but the floorplans are new. How do they look?
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38 Delancey St.

38 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002

38 Delancey Street

38 Delancey Street, New York, NY