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Not Even the Smoke Monster Can Stop HL23's Ascent

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Forgive us for delving into Fireblog territory here, but when we receive a distress call about flashy West Chelsea starchitecture, we spring into action. A tipster writes, "Any info on the fire at HL23 yesterday afternoon? Black smoke was billowing from a high floor, and the FDNY came out in full force - 10 fire trucks, 2 ambulances, 3 or 4 other trucks. The block was closed for about an hour." For the love of Kanye, what happened?

According to a building rep, a tool charger left plugged in at the site sparked, and apparently kept sparking, causing a whole lot of smoke but no fire. This happened right before a bunch of stuff that could have been affected by the smoke?finishes, floors, etc.?got installed. There was no damage to the building beyond the emotional toll of going the next five years wondering what, or who, the black smoke really is.
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