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1 WTC Gets Wrapped; FHA Newbies; More Freshkills Poetry

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FIDI?Hey Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center, why so blue? Oh, it's just your new "cocoon" safety system, which the Port Authority says is the first time the steel-framed netting system has been installed on a steel superstructure in NYC. (It's a new milestone every day with this thing!) We're glad it'll prevent construction debris from blowing into crowds of crane-necked tourists, but we're not sure what potential building tenant Anna Wintour would approve of the clashing colors. [Port Authority]

LIC & HARLEM?Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the two newest additions to the city's list of FHA-approved condo buildings: L Haus and PS90! Go out and get that 96.5% financing, kids. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STATEN ISLAND?For the second year in a row the Parks Department held a Freshkills Park haiku contest. No clue why, but we love the damn things. Oh wait, we do know why: Poetry inspired by an old garbage dump is awesome. Here are this year's winners of a limited edition Freshkills Park hat!
Adult winners:

Quietly sleeping,
Buried discards of past years
Support vibrant hills

- Stephen Knowles

Now green and growing
This upside-down museum
Forms new paths of hope

- Leona Egan

Tall thousand grasses
rub hollow elbows to the
chopstick cricket legs

- Robin Locke Monda

Student winner:

Looking at the mounds,
you are rolling down the past.
Future brings us new

- Lauren Seaquist, age 14

[CurbedWire Inbox]

L Haus

11-02 49th Avenue, Long Island City, New York 11101 Visit Website

PS90 Condominium

220 West 148th Street, New York, NY