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Park Slope Condo Critics Ask: Do These Kitchens Suck?

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Mexican starchitect Enrique Norten's 580 Carroll Street condo building (aka Garfield Sparta) is no stranger to controversy, but now that potential buyers have been streaming through its front yard and up into its 17 apartments, the focus is finally on the product. Glassy condos are not the norm in Park Slope, and a bunch of StreetEasy commenters have honed in on the building's kitchens. Check out the back-and-forth:

1) "We really liked this building too but HATE the kitchen layout - it's basically a wall of appliances in the living room. Have never seen this type of kitchen in new construction in Park Slope (where people actually cook). We were so disappointed - having a kitchen like that is just a deal-breaker - it's like 20 Pine only worse."
2) "The kitchens are fine, they are actually very pretty and clean. Stainless Steel Marble and White Lacquer...of course, i rather have a classic eight on the upper west side, but that is a fortune. For a high ceiling, hugh frameless windowed apartment in Park Slope, how else can you maximize space."
3) "Yes the kitchen looks sleek and modern but seems to be suitable only for making a sandwich."
4) "Who cooks in NYC. Both my husband and I work so much that we typically go out or order in. Although we do like to cook occasionally, I can not imagine those kitchens are inoperable."
5) "Just reviewed 6 floorplans and i can say that most of the apartments do not have a kitchen or a livingroom. in any building, even 1960's, you get a 12X20 livingroom. in these units, they shoe in a breadbox kitchen."

And then the discussion devolves into the requisite insults. Up top, pictures of the kitchen that comes with a $1.225 million unit. Counter space is at a premium and the fridge looks like it'll swing open right into the dining room table, but is that really so odd for new-construction condos?
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580 Carroll St

580 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215