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WTC Memorial Designer Creating Rooftop Farm at LES School

So hot right now: rooftop farms. In addition to the currently-in-limbo Brooklyn Grange project in Long Island City and plans in the very early stages at Upper East Side and Greenwich Village public schools, Archpaper digs up word of another new rooftop farm plan at the Lower East Side's Robert Simon Complex. By next spring, the three schools in the complex will share a 3,000-square-foot rooftop veggie garden conceived by World Trade Center memorial designer Michael Arad, who has a child at the school. Arad initially proposed filling up plastic kiddie pools with dirt and putting them on the roof. A lot more interesting: Arad's next plan, which calls for putting up columns through the building's center to support a 20-foot-wide roof deck for the garden. Sounds like this one might not run into Brooklyn Grange's permit troubles. And we've been inspired to go eat some vegetables now, but we'll leave you with one more rendering.

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