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LES Hotels Update: The Bad and the Ugly

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That totally bizarre 11-story Comfort Inn on Ludlow Street between Rivington and Stanton ("across from the United Nations") is getting closer to its grand opening, as evidenced by the festive bunting now hanging from some windowsills. Directly above is a peek inside the lobby, which our tipster points out "looks like a third-world hospital." The lighting on the other two photos gives off an appropriate doomsday vibe. Meanwhile, one block over on Orchard Street, another hotel is having a bit of trouble getting off the ground.

The old Fine & Klein Handbags building at 119 Orchard Street was snatched up for $4.22 million in the summer of 2008 and targeted for a new 40-room boutique hotel. Half the building has been demolished, but the DOB has halted work and Bowery Boogie reports that the site is back on the market for $4.7 million. Here's what the Massey Knakal listing has to say:

Full plans were recently approved and stamped by the Department of Buildings for a 10 story (plus cellar and subcellar) mixed-use building. Cellar and subcellar approved for commercial use plus 10 stories above-grade of residential or hotel use. With full plans already in place and demolition underway a developer could start construction immediately.This is technically an "enlargement" in DOB-speak, which might explain how the building can rise so high in a post-LES-rezoning world. Whether this ends up going apartment or hotel, we're sure it will be a welcomed addition to Hell Square.
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