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City Begins Balcony Safety Blitz With 16 Buildings

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The inhabitants of 16 city buildings are no longer allowed to use their balconies after a flurry of safety inspections by Department of Buildings officials, the Times reports. The inspections began after a man fell to his death in March from a 24th-floor balcony at 330 East 39th Street, and the 16 buildings are among hundreds that have not filed mandatory five-year reports with the city on balcony safety. If residents defy the DOB ruling not to go outside, doors to the balconies will be locked and sealed off, but residents who chatted with the Times were more worried about co-op resales than safety. So far, Brooklyn is the only borough that has not felt the DOB's wrath. But the sixteen buildings hit so far probably won't be all: the DOB tells the Times the safety sweep is "in its early stages." Happy summer, folks! (That Williamsburg summer house sounding any better?)
· Balconies Declared Unsafe at 16 New York Buildings [NYT]