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High Line Lays It on Thicket; Belated Chops at 80 Met?

WEST CHELSEA?The Friends of the High Line played a little Rendering/Reality in its latest newsletter, providing a construction update on the "Chelsea Thicket" portion of the park's under-construction Phase II. Railroad tracks and tapered planks in da heezy! [FHL]

WILLIAMSBURG?Writes an eagle-eyed tipster, "Looked at the streeteasy listings for 80 Metropolitan in Williamsburg today, and it appears that half of the units already in contract have their prices listed as chopped as of 5/17/10... What does this mean? How can a price be chopped AFTER it's entered into contract??" Maybe to reduce the "listing discount" from the final ask to the sale price? Maybe not? All conspiracy theories considered! [CurbedWire Inbox]

80 Metropolitan Avenue

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