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Apthorp Conversion Approved, Making Way for Closings

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The Attorney General's in-depth inspection of blockbuster UWS condo conversion the Apthorp seemed ominous enough to prompt a celeb-interest counterattack. But that might not have been necessary: turns out the Apthorp has been approved for condo conversion as of today, the Wall Street Journal reports. The AG put a few conditions on the approval, like repairs to the plumbing and boiler room, after talking to current tenants. But after all the management and broker shakeups, not to mention PriceChops and financial confusion from current tenants and would-be investors, we can't imagine anyone's fazed by a few clogged toilets. Once those are fixed, closings are free to proceed, which means we'll finally find out how much these units are going for.
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Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023