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Park Avenue's 'Good Times Room' Yours for $7.5 Million

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Some people say that picking on old-school Gold Coast co-ops in our That's Rather Hideous feature is like shooting fish in a barrel. We like to think of it more as hunting zebra while on horseback. (The prey is seen after the jump.) We'll let the brokers explain what the hell is going on here.

From the listing:

The library, otherwise known as "The Good Times Room," was designed with El Morocco in mind, replete with tenting and a wet bar. The impressive bedrooms have en suite baths including windows on Park Avenue, and gigantic walk-in closets. 5.5 baths, abundant closets throughout, central air conditioning, and fabulous retro style complete the picture, and make it easy to envision your own updated version of Park Avenue elegance.Updated elegance? Tell that to the poor zebra, trapped in some sort of trippy bordello.

· Listing: 510 Park Avenue [Brown Harris Stevens]
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