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184 Kent Wows Renters With Amazing Ellipticals

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The slow roll-out of amenities at luxury waterfront Williamsburg building 184 Kent has been a hot topic among renters shelling out big bucks to live in the renovated lofts. Patience, people! A 184 Kent resident recently posted this comment to our most recent item on the building, which said that 40% of the apartments in the old warehouse are now leased:

Just an FYI that the gym opened this weekend. Everything seems to be in good working order. Pretty cool to be working out while looking out at the East River. I've always been rather anti-gym (never, ever belonged to one), so i'm not a good judge of how awesome the equipment is, but having a gym in my apt. building will make me work out often. Plus, the fans on the ellipticals are just the most amazing thing. ever. total genius. Also heard early/mid-June for garage but that seems optimistic. I'd bet after July 4 weekend pretty much everything will be open except the retail space. All in all pretty pleased with everything at 184 Kent. there are a few oddities (like - why oh why is the washer and dryer so freaking noisy!) but overall - i LOVE my new home.

Happy endings make our eyes misty, so we'll cut this off here. Rent on Kenters, you ready to have the buffest bods in the 'Burg or what?
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