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Former River House Manager Sues to Get Apartment Back

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Has-been it may be, but some people still want to live in Sutton Place's storied River House. Including Ebrahim Paybrah, the building's former general manager, who alleges in a New York State Supreme Court filing that the building management fired him after he revealed that he was suffering from depression. Paybrah was fired in September 2009 and is seeking at least $2 million for lost wages and punitive damages, The Real Deal reports. He's also got a case going in housing court against the building, which is evicting him from the apartment he received as part of his compensation. Paybrah says one of the board members managed to convince the others that Paybrah should be fired after hearing his diagnosis. Or maybe Paybrah just mentioned River House where he shouldn't have?
Nor are the board antics limited to once-hot Sutton Place co-ops. A Brick Underground reader writes in for advice about her co-op board vice-president:

I came home the other day to find the board Vice President hanging out of my living room windows installing flower boxes in my windows that are on the front of the building -- and, to make matters worse, he was planting RED geraniums!! Anyone who knows me, or who has ever visited my apartment, knows that I despise anything red. Apparently, my next door neighbor, the board President, decided that the building would look best if all the windows on our floor should have matching window boxes & matching floral displays!! Too bad, says Brick Underground's advice columnist: the co-op board VP is totally within his rights to enter the resident's apartment and plant flowers in her window boxes. But hey, the resident is totally within her rights to take the buds off the geraniums before they bloom. Flower wars!!
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