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Ohm Goes Glam (Rock); The Technically Tribeca Loft

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FAR WEST SIDE?The Hudson Yards area's up-all-night rental party palace Ohm has lobby concerts put on by the Knitting Factory, as you might know. But the residents don't have to limit the rockin' out to Eleventh Avenue. A tipster forwarded along an email to building residents that invites them, all of them, to tomorrow night's New York Dolls show at the Warsaw in Greenpoint. That's going to be one crowded guest list! If they all leave now they might make it in time. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TRIBECA??Pointing to this listing for a $2.4 million loft on White Street between Broadway and Lafayette, a Curbed tipster wonders, "When did Tribeca extend east of Broadway? Tsk tsk tsk." But wait! Though most rational adults would not quite call this Tribeca, 81 White Street is just within the city's Tribeca East Historic District (it goes to 85 White Street). Still, this sliver of a 'hood that's not quite Tribeca and not quite Chinatown deserves it's own new name, no? What about Santos Party Land? [CurbedWire Inbox]


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