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Limiting East Village Dorms; Riverside Center Fight is Coming

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EAST VILLAGE?What good reason could we possibly have to bring up the St. Ann's abomination that is NYU's 26-story Fourth Avenue dorm? Here it is: The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation reports that the City Planning Commission is considering rezoning Third and Fourth Avenue from 9th to 13th Streets. "The current zoning for this area has no height limits and strongly encourages large-scale dorm and hotel development, resulting in jarringly out-of-context construction," GVSHP writes. True, but hasn't the damage already been done? [CurbedWire Inbox/GVSHP]

UPPER WEST SIDE?Big day at the City Planning Commission! Extell's incredibly massive Riverside Center project was certified, kicking off the public review process. Next up: Fiery community board meetings! Did we mention this thing is massive? Streetsblog is already taking aim at all the planned parking spots. [Westside Independent]