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The High Line's Catwalk is Rising Above West Chelsea

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The one-year delay is a bummer, sure, but the pictures we've seen lately showing actual progress has us once again pretty darn excited about the second section of the High Line, running from 20th Street up to 30th Street. The latest breakthrough might just be the installation of the promenade's three-block-long Woodland Flyover, a metal walkway that will lift pedestrians up over the High Line's bed and into a grove of sumac trees. In short: Nature in yo face, son! A tipster sent along some pictures taken this morning, speculating that the Woodland Flyover is indeed what's currently taking shape. Let's revisit what this runway will look like:

That right there is the rendering, seen in the collection of Phase II images released two summers ago. Here's another street-level look at what's going on:

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