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Upper East Side's Isis Hit With Second Wave of Price Cuts

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More price cuts have befallen Isis, the Upper East Side's goddess of fertility and "family-size" apartments (there are only 32 units in the building). Following a brief sales nap to focus on construction, developer Alchemy Properties took a hatchet to the 18-story 77th Street (and Second Avenue) tower's prices back in February. Apparently there was more fat to trim away, because nearly every listing is still active. Following some fresh choppage both big and snall, the new average is around $1,500/sqft. Some examples: 13% ($201,500) was taken off the building's cheapest unit, a now $1.348 million 2BR/2.5BA. Meanwhile, the building's whopper of a penthouse shed just 4%, and is now asking $5.3 million. The Isis website says there are "great incentives for the next 5 buyers," so check out the revised pricing and help get this deity's condo plan declared effective!

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