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Whitney Port's West Village Duplex Renting for $7k/Month

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We hate to admit our lack of reality TV bona fides, but we haven't paid much attention to MTV's The City since dabbling in where the show's central figure, aspiring fashionista Whitney Port, was setting up shop during the first few episodes. Apparently life goes on while we're not watching (shocking, we know), and Whitney has since planted her flag in a new neighborhood. A Curbed tipster points us to a Craigslist listing for a 3BR/2BA duplex in the West Village on Bleecker Street renting for $7,000 per month:

This is Whitney Port's apt where they film MTV's "The City." These pictures in the listing are old and the interior has been updated, but I viewed it over the weekend and it's definitely it. I don't watch the show, I swear... I was looking around her bedroom and noticed that she and that other girl were in every picture. I looked a little more closely, and noticed some documents signed by "Whitney Port." I then watched an episode from last week that I... err my girlfriend, DVR'd and, sure enough, it was the same place. Well, thank goodness for your "girlfiend's" DVR! Our thorough tipster sent along some spy shots of framed photos and signed documents he spotted in the apartment, but we'd feel a bit too creepy posting those. Instead, here's a screengrab from the show and one of the slightly outdated photos from the ad. Will the brush with minor fame help this place rent for big bucks? We bet the private roofdeck is a bit more of a alluring amenity:

· $7000 / 3br - Prime Bleecker Street. Showing SATURDAY at 2:00. Run, Don't Walk [Craiglist]