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Chelsea Studio Steal Comes With Possible Foreclosure, Sundays Off

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The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings, needs you! Send your nominees to and we'll consider them for public shaming.

What/Where: A 300-square-foot studio in a co-op on West 22nd Street between Ninth and Tenth avenues, with "Four pieces of French furniture," available for move-in June 15.
Looks Good, Right? The Craigslist ad insists that this is the "cheapest rent in Chelsea" at $1,333.33/month for a minimum of three months, or $1,500/month fully furnished.
The Catch!: The apartment is also on the sale market for $216,300 as a "distressed sale pre-foreclosure." And, of course, prospective buyers will need to take a look at the place while the renter's in residence.
But never fear, because the Craiglist ad-posting unit owner has a plan!

SPECIAL TERMS: This is a month-to month lease since this apartment is listed for sale and access must be provided "TWO Committed Sundays" a Month from Noon-4PM--NO EXCEPTIONS, you will waive all Access rights for these specific times only as the rental agreement will stipulate and I, Realtor and Cleaning Company will have keys to enter and/or to show the unit. This is the only inconvenience during these TWO designated times a month ONLY AND is the specified reason why you are being compensated for an apartment that rents for over $2000 per month or with 48 Hour Notice of Entry during weekly business hours 10:30am-4pm. But landlord, what happens if the renter doesn't want to get some fresh air on Sundays?

We immediately live together, I put your pet in a Kennel if you have one, serve you with a Notice of Default, go to Landlord &Tenant Court at 111 Centre Street, file a 3-Day Eviction Notice Motion/Action and immediately go to the NY City Marshall, get a Docket Number to evict you, place this Eviction Record on your US National credit report for "Breach of Contract" and you will probably not be able to rent another legitimate apartment or get a home loan in the USA that will require a credit check for the next ten years...Please DO NOT FORGET, you are paying a MAJORLY reduced rent in order for you to help me to sell my apartment. · Best Rent in Chelsea Studio [CL]
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