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Williamsburg Getting 'The Residences;' Smoke Monster Hits FiDi

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Photo by Will Femia.

WILLIAMSBURG?184 Kent wasn't the only building seeing some union picketing today. Our roving photog Will Femia spotted the above scene outside new six-story building 135 North 11th Street. ("The signs said something about drywall," he writes.) We were intrigued by the marketing spiel, so we hit up the website. Check out this boast: "Brooklyn's first condominium residences offering premium hotel services..." According to brokerage, the building will be called, simply, The Residences. Manhattan-style attitude all over this place! Brownstoner has an older construction pic of this Gene Kaufman work. [CurbedWire Staff]

WILLIAMSBURG?Earlier we pointed out that Harlem's Beacon Towers is handing buyers back $8,000 cash now that the homebuyer's tax credit has expired. That building is not the only one doling out the Benjis. The Burg's 5 Roebling, home of the famed "wraparound private yard," is also offering $8,000 cash back at closing. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?Lost may be over, but the Smoke Monster is not defeated. Smokey was recently spotted in West Chelsea's HL23, but a tipster reports it has headed downtown: "Can you post this dramatic picture on Curbed? 26 Broadway, a large and storied office building in lower Manhattan, is belching black smoke into the atmosphere, as it does almost daily. Calls to 311 have proven ineffective, but maybe some publicity will garner the attention the DEP needs to take action." Your wish is our CurbedWire! [CurbedWire Inbox]