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Troubled Condo Conversion Tribeca Space Returns to Market

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For a good while now, delays and litigation have been among the amenities at Tribeca Space, the deeply troubled condo conversion at 25 Murray Street. Though the building sold out fast, 40 percent of those initial buyers backed out of their contracts when the building's temporary certificate of occupancy was delayed. It's taken a while for the building to bounce back, but we heard whispers in March that listings were slowly returning to the market, and now Crain's confirms those rumors. Ten of the 28 remaining units are on the market now at 5 to 10 percent off, and the rest will be for sale after Memorial Day. Those discounted asking prices work out to $900-$1,300/square foot, a little friendly competition for Tribeca Space owner Michael Strahan, who's asking $911/square foot.
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