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Financier Takes Loss on $5.5M Perry Street Apartment

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We've been keeping an eye on the top at Richard Meier's 173 Perry Street, where #PH-N, which once belonged to Martha Stewart, and #13N, below it, sold to financier Gilbert Lamphere over the last few years. Lamphere attempted to sell the two units together for $25 million. But when there were no offers, he brought in the FloorChopper and relisted the apartments separately. Martha's old place is still chasing a buyer for $15.9 million, but the 1,750-square-foot #13N has just sold. Buyer Chul Joon Park is paying Lamphere $4.7 million for the unit. The only problem? Lamphere paid $5,498,550 for the place in early 2008. That's a nearly 15 percent loss. Just how eager is this guy to get out of Perry Street?
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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014