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Gramercy Park's Technicolor Townhouse Sells for $7.2M

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The townhouse at 141 East 19th Street, which belonged to late designer Abbijane Schifrin, hit the market in October asking $8.75 million, but even a crazy color scheme couldn't quite save it from a 9 percent price cut. Now it has sold for even less. Schifrin split the house into two condos, but a single buyer, hidden behind an LLC, has snapped up both, paying $4,881,600 for the first floor and $2,318,400 for the second. That $7.2 million is a discount of 17 percent from the original ask. Our congratulations are conditional on the buyer changing absolutely nothing about the interior design. Since we've run the gallery twice before, we just picked our favorite photo, but take a look through the whole place.
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