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Google Genius Puts Epic Tribeca Penthouse on the Market

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How this one has managed to slip by us for 111 days, we don't know, but take a peek at this penthouse and its 4,518 square feet of art-filled insanity. It's the duplex condo atop 25 N. Moore Street, aka The Atalanta, Tribeca's tallest loft building. It was listed in February through Corcoran for $14.75 million, but we recommend checking out the website set up just for the penthouse for full-size photo glory. Hey, speaking of websites! The penthouse is owned by Craig Nevill-Manning, a Google engineer with his very own Wikipedia entry. He bought the place?currently set up as a 2BR, 4BA?for $8.25 million in 2005, and then got to work turning it into what's seen above. It's a Tribeca trophy, so why's he selling?

In 2007 Nevill-Manning bought the 6,400-square-foot triplex penthouse at 150 Nassau Street, the classic 23-story tower near City Hall (and right next to Frank Gehry's rising Beekman Tower). The apartment was completely raw, but had plans drawn up by architect David Howell, according to an old listing. The Googler paid just over $6.5 million for the space, and perhaps the complicated build-out is now complete. It may still have that new penthouse smell, but leaving behind ol' 25 N. Moore still has to sting, right?

Here's the floorplan:

· Listing: 25 N Moore [Corcoran]
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