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Brooklyn Condo Buyers Head Online to Slam Developer Boymelgreen

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The twists and turns of the real estate market haven't been very kind to Shaya Boymelgreen, the once ubiquitous Brooklyn-based developer. He's sparred with partners at projects like 20 Pine and been sued by condo buyers over faulty construction. Recently he suffered the embarrassment of being evicted from his own office. We hate to kick a guy while he's down, so we'll let others do the dirty work. Residents at the Newswalk building in Prospect Heights near the Atlantic Yards megaproject have started up a website called Shame on Shaya to draw attention to their case against the developer. It's a multimedia display of the residents' pain and suffering, and it's also available in Hebrew and Russian!

Here are the captions accompanying the above pair of photos: (L) "The water damage often extended to the beams within owners’ units; in some cases, the concrete had been so weakened that jacks were required to hold up the ceiling." (R) "For those lucky enough to stay in their apartments, there is the constant noise of jackhammers—daily reminders of the costly repair work that is draining household budgets each month." Boymelgreen famously responded to Newswalk complaints by asking, "What do they expect — a Manhattan building?" But what did he expect? That Brooklynites aren't web savvy?
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