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Town of Rosendale is Your 'New Williamsburg' of the Day

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Every now and then an up-and-coming area luring creative types seeking cheap housing gets labeled the "new Williamsburg," but Rosendale, New York, a Hudson Valley town 90 miles north of the city, has an edge on all the other pretenders: actual Williamsburgers! The Times throws the spotlight on this quaint little town that's just a breezy 105-minute bus ride away, noting not only an alarming number of recently arrived Brooklyn expatriates, but also other hallmarks of a burgeoning Hipsterville. Among them: A recent "cool" celebrity sighting (Maggie Gyllenhaal!), an eclectic café owned by someone with a weird name (Trippy Thompson!), creepy old commercial buildings left to rot due to a sharp decline in industry (cement manufacturing!), and more. There's no grocery store, but there are copies of The Brooklyn Rail. What more do you need?
· 90 Miles Upstate, a Brooklyn Feel [NYT]