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NYU's Controversial Provincetown Playhouse Makeover Gets Bricked

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The NYU march of progress continues apace in Greenwich Village, where the University's new building for budding legal eagles is nearly complete, and has the bricks to prove it. This is Wilf Hall, six floors of new construction over and around the old Provincetown Playhouse just south of Washington Square Park, a piece of history that was sort of saved by preservationists.

The new project is from the minds at Morris Adjmi Architects, and shows five stories of brick frontage with an illuminated canopy near West 4th Street. Barely seen from the street is a set back sixth floor, faced in metal panels and topped by a green roof (no doubt the greenery will be much appreciated by at least one nearby neighbor).

This is the final building in the Master Plan for the NYU Law School, housed in multiple buildings across MacDougal and points east. Inside the nearly 44,000-square-foot structure a reconfigured Provincetown Playhouse will share space with facilities at Wilf Hall, a "think tank" for legal research and inquiry. Those studies could come in handy as NYU's development dreams meet the reality of NYC bureaucracy and Greenwich Village commandos.
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Provincetown Playhouse

133 MacDougal Street, New York, NY