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Upper East Side Condop Tries for $1.1M All-Cash Short Sale

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Five months into 2010, we haven't seen all that much evidence that this is the year of the short sale. Making up for lost time is 343 East 74th Street #PH3D, a 3BR, 3.5BA condop triplex asking $1.1 million this time around. Wait, this time around? Yep! The apartment first hit the market in August 2008 asking $3.2 million, and it cycled through a few PriceUppers and Choppers?all the way to a low of $599,000?before arriving at the current list price.
The $599,000 price probably had something to do with the fact that the seller hadn't yet separated #PH3D from the attached #PH4D or added 3D's kitchen. Since the current listing proudly features a kitchen photo, we assume that problem's been taken care of. But the fact that it's a cash only short sale means the seller probably now has way bigger fish to fry. Want to help him or her out of a jam? Consider the floorplan first:

· Listing: 343 East 74th Street [Elliman]
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