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Did David Paterson Just Declare War on Landlords?

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We can only imagine that the Rent Stabilization Association, the sneakily named lobbying group that works on behalf of landlords to torpedo any pro-tenant rent reforms, is raising its ninja army upon hearing the news out of Albany today. Governor David Paterson announced a package of changes to New York's rent laws today, including this whopper: making it harder to remove an apartment from rent stabilization. As it stands now, landlords can start charging market rates once an apartment becomes vacant and the monthly rent reaches $2,000. Paterson wants to change the decontrol threshold to $3,000/month, citing a "chaotic housing market," City Room reports.

Of course the fine print is that Paterson's Package (he also proposes a system in which stabilized renters affected by the Stuy Town stabilization lawsuit can apply for rent decreases, and if landlords agree to the decreases they're let off the hook for previous overcharges) still has to make it through the State Legislature?specifically the State Senate, which each year shoots down whatever rent reforms have been brought before it. But hey, these proposals are coming from the governor himself. Surely they respect and fear him up in Albany, er, right? Here's Paterson's press release outlining some of the proposals.
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