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Amityville Horror House Seeks New Buyers

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What could possibly get us excited about Long Island real estate? Murder and infamy! The Amityville Horror House, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six family members in their sleep in 1974?and where a, um, tumultuous month spent in the house by the next owners was turned into a bestselling book and cult classic horror movie?is now on the market asking a cool $1.15 million. The Dutch colonial looks a lot different now, Newsday reports, and the address has been changed from 112 Ocean Avenue to 108 Ocean Avenue to deflect some of the attention (and homebuyers' googling, perhaps). The house last sold in 1997 for $310,000, and nothing spooky has been reported since. Have a look around ... if you dare.
· 'Amityville Horror' house back on market, for $1.15M [Newsday]

Amityville Horror House

108 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, NY