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Enrique Norten's Hi Line Hotel Ready to Get Meshed Up

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Over in Chelsea's Wild West, where the parties are dying and residential developments are sprouting up offering music and art, architect Enrique Norten's new Hi Line Hotel is fully erect and ready for its peek-a-boo protective coating. The last time we checked out this nine-story boutique hotel from Black House Development the building at 516 West 27th Street was a mere stub, hardly tall enough for its exterior mesh-clad glass elevator, or the 56 rooms tucked away inside. Hidden as the Hi Line is by the bricks of the ready-to-rent boy's club at 303 Tenth Avenue, we hadn't noticed that this project from TEN Arquitectos is now topped out and covered in metal armature, just aching to get all meshed up.

Like everything else in this part of town, this little box of hospitality is a bit behind schedule and, by the look of things, it will miss the announced 2010 opening. But a stall until 2011 won't be all bad. That would mean the Hi Line is ready for guests right around the same time that other High Line, running just a few steps to the east and viewable from the pool deck floating above all the metal meshiness, opens Section 2 of the elevated park. That added strip of green will bring more than a few folks to a neighborhood where crowds usually don't hit the streets until some time after midnight. Some might even be looking for a room where they can disappear behind the mesh and rest their weary feet.
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Hi Line Hotel

516 West 27th Street, New York, NY