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Human Gondola Sells Upper East Side Townhouse

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Human gondolas. They're like, you know, when a guy...dresses like a raise money for crumbling Venice landmarks. Anyway, Randolph Guthrie used to be one, and so did his wife Beatrice. They housed an organization called Save Venice?which holds an annual masked ball where people dress as gondolas to raise money for Venetian artwork and buildings destroyed by flooding?in their townhouse at 15 East 74th Street. But they listed the place for $19.5 million a few years ago. Since then, they've tried PriceChopping and offering the property as a $50,000 and $37,000/month rental. Finally, last week, the house's sale closed?for only $12.5 million, a nearly 36 percent discount. We assume that's because the gondola costumes are not included.
Here's a floorplan from a 2008 listing:

· 15 East 74th Street [StreetEasy]
· Deed: 15 East 74th Street [ACRIS]