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Murano, LIC's Odd New Light Show Building, Hits the Market

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The first of Long Island City's newborn triplets is showing its hand early. Though Murano, which just to remind you will have a nightly multicolor LED show and a moat, is having its grand opening party and first open house next week, some listings have trickled online. Whats the damage? Well, to compare the glassy new Borden Avenue building to other recent additions to the LIC market, Murano looks a touch more expensive than L Haus and on par with Solarium. The listings are on the building's website as well as the TREGNY/TDG site, and prices range from $459k to $1.045 million?from a 689sqft 1BR/1BA on the first floor to a 1,500sqft 3BR/2BA with a sliver of a terrace. The floorplans look fairly standard on first glance. Your move, East of East and 1 Vernon Jackson.
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