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Battery Park City Parent Vows to Break Park Rules!

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Like other new parks or park-like things (CaVaLa, the High Line, etc.), Battery Park City's Teardrop Park South has a fun water feature that on a hot afternoon can prove very tempting. So what happens when poor, innocent, overheating children with few publicly accessible swimming pools try to take advantage of this new neighborhood amenity? This:

Went to the new Teardrop Park South yesterday with my kids. Super tiny space, but the water features are pretty awesome. The rushing stream, in particular, was super appealing in the 90-degree heat. We were the only people there and, after about 20 minutes of water play, a guy in a BPC polo comes rushing over, speaking into his Nextel phone, and tells us that we have to get out of the water. The stream is apparently only for passive viewing. Never mind that there wasn't another soul in the area, aren't any signs regarding appropriate use, and the damned thing is so refreshing you just HAVE to splash in it. I've decided this is going to be my piece of civil disobedience for the summer.For Battery Park City, this counts as all-out rebellion, so who vows to stand with our brave freedom fighter?
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