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Upper East Side School Gears Up for Another Eviction Battle

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The Upper East Side's posh Brearley School appeared to admit defeat a few months ago in its battle against the elderly rent-stabilized tenants of 85 East End Avenue, who refused to be ousted as part of the school's plan to expand into their building. But it turns out Brearley just had other tricks up its sleeve. The school has purchased 70, 72, and 74 East End Avenue instead, The Real Deal reports. Which means another 15 apartments' worth of rent-stabilized tenants for Brearley to deal with. The buildings had already been sold to a developer in 2005, but the tenants were saved when he defaulted on his loan. Now, they've lawyered up and plan to fight the school, except for one restauranteur tenant who tells the Post he'd leave if given enough cash for a two- or three-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood. Good luck with that!
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