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Village Green Condos Still Selling Close to Asking Prices

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Ever since we first labeled eco-minded East Village condo Village Green a success story for overcoming its bust-era origins, we've been checking back to see whether the closed sales bear out that prediction. Last we checked, two units had closed, both at 8 percent off. Another eight closings have hit public record since then, with the steepest discount being 13.5 percent off at unit #5D, which sold for $995,000. But most discounts were smaller, hovering around 1 percent. And the most successful, er, success story so far appears to be #PH2B, which sold to Jacqueline and Charles Royce at the asking price of $1.725 million. The closed sales so far average out to about $1,050 per square foot (with that penthouse getting $1,424). So, Village Green, what's your secret?

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